Why Lab Created Diamonds Are Better Than Natural Diamonds?

Why Lab Created Diamonds Are Better Than Natural Diamonds?

When it comes to jewelry, diamonds are the most preferred gemstone. Besides, they are a girl’s best friend! While this cuts down the chase of shopping for an engagement ring, you should know that diamonds are not the same.

If you’re not a gem expert, you’ll be stressed, spend more, and even find it hard to choose the right thing. Worry not! The average shopper knows so little about diamonds.

If you’re looking to propose, a prevalent dilemma you’ll face is which one to choose from naturally sourced or lab-created diamond engagement rings. Currently, lab-grown diamonds are fashionably having a moment, gaining preference from many people. Besides, the market value of lab-created diamonds is expected to hit $29.2 billion by 2025!

This begs the question, why are lab-created diamonds better than natural diamonds? Here are the top benefits of lab-grown diamonds over their natural equals. Read to the end!

What Is a Lab-Created Diamond?

Most likely, what came to your mind the first time you heard of lab-grown diamonds were the words, FAKE diamond! Like most people, you must have even turned away from buying this type of diamond jewelry.

The truth couldn’t be any further! Lab-created diamonds are as genuine as natural diamonds but “created or grown” inside a lab.

The creation of lab diamonds uses the same technology that imitates the formation of natural diamonds on the Earth. Therefore, the origin is the only disparity between a lab-created diamond and a natural diamond.

After growing it, a lab diamond is chemically, physically, and optically the same as a naturally-occurring diamond under the Earth’s surface. Aside from the technology, the grading and certification of lab-created diamonds is the same process as extracted diamonds.

Why Are Lab-Created Diamonds Better Than Natural Diamonds?

Though created in a lab, lab-grown diamonds undergo the same heat and pressure as natural diamonds. If that’s not convincing enough, check out below several reasons why they are a better choice.

  • No Doubt About Quality 

Choosing the best, most authentic, and timeless lab-created diamonds guarantee you quality. This means that you’ll be getting what you pay for or something that surpasses your expectations.

Unlike naturally mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds are purer because they don’t have any dirt. Since they are manufactured, the defects are fewer, and the strain is unnoticeable. This is because the process of growing them is carefully controlled.

Consequently, the improved quality delivers whiter, brighter, and better lab-created diamond engagement rings. Besides, lab-created diamonds usually get higher purity ratings than their mined counterparts.

That’s why you can choose a gorgeous solitaire engagement ring made of lab-grown diamond for your wedding. Match the ring with diamond stud earrings to ensure she looks classy at the engagement party. What better way of spending money on your partner on a special day?

  • Guilt-Free Origin

History can sometimes be troubling to the mind and soul, especially regarding gemstones. That’s why most diamond experts prefer to know the journey from origin to acquisition.

Do you know about ‘blood’ diamonds? Sadly, the origins of most mined diamonds are conflicted regions. Blood diamonds, as they are commonly called, have a dark background due to funding armed conflicts or political instabilities.

Usually, these regions mine diamonds through child labor, violation of human rights, and poor working conditions. But not all mined diamonds are blood diamonds.

Conversely, lab-grown diamonds provide peace of mind to the expert and buyer. These diamonds have a guarantee of a clean and traceable laboratory. Thus, there’s no guilt involved when shopping for your diamond jewelry.

  • Fancy Colored Diamonds

While diamonds are striking and classy, traditional white diamonds sometimes seem outdated. Most people don’t know that there are diamonds in other colors. This is because getting colored natural diamonds is very rare.

But that’s not an issue for lab-created diamonds. Thanks to the artificial formation of these diamonds, you can buy stunning hues at affordable prices. This is very exciting as it makes it easy to match your jewelry with the rest of your outfit. Or, you want something unique and speak more about yourself.

Additionally, you can customize your lab-created types of diamonds. You can ask the lab specialist to make diamond styles for your solitaire ring, tennis bracelets, and diamond stud earrings. Then have them in blue, orange, pink, or smoky gray to match your engagement dress and other outfits.

  • Competitive Prices

Engagement rings are expensive. And the price goes higher when you settle for a bigger, better-quality diamond. This is the case with mined diamonds because availability or supply is low compared to demand.

However, lab-grown diamond engagement rings are very cost-effective. Sometimes, the price can be halfway lower than the natural one. Acquiring a lab-grown diamond is straightforward because the supply meets the demand.

The primary purpose of lab-created diamonds is to ensure jewelry dreams come true. This means that buying these types of diamonds should be effortless without compromising the quality. So, you’ll be getting a real diamond solitaire engagement ring at a cheaper rate.

Moreover, the diverse selection of diamond styles and hues makes it easy to invest in lab-grown diamonds. These colored diamonds are widely available and customized to different tastes.

  • Focus on Sustainability 

As the planet is going ‘green’, it would be best for people to stop indulging in earth-damaging processes. Diamond mining uses enormous amounts of fossil fuel that cause a lot of damage to the ground.

But lab-created diamonds are sustainable. With the growing demand for diamonds, mined diamonds are recording minimal supplies due to the ecological impact.

Manufactured diamonds are a far better and more eco-friendly choice for people to switch to. Because they grow in labs and are not extracted, they cause little to no environmental damage.

According to a study, sustainable practices are the desire of ecological consumers. Because of this, most customers opt for sustainable products and services. Lab-grown diamonds are the solution to this precious stone’s widening demand. 

Final Thoughts

Lab-created diamonds are an excellent and brilliant scientific accomplishment. They are as real as natural diamonds in all aspects, minus the long history and several thousand dollars.

Growing this diamond in a controlled setting makes people feel good and content when buying lab-created diamond engagement rings. In the end, you get a bigger, purer, and brighter diamond for just a fraction of the price.


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