Uttar Pradesh vs Assam: Match Scorecard Highlights

Uttar Pradesh vs Assam: Match Scorecard Highlights

Uttar Pradesh vs Assam – A Clash of Titans

The clash between Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Assam in any sport always promises to be a riveting encounter. Whether it’s cricket, football, or any other sport, these two states have a storied history of competitive matches that have kept fans on the edge of their seats. In this post, we will delve into the cricket match between Uttar Pradesh and Assam, focusing on the recent scorecard highlights, key contributions, and standout performances that made this game memorable.

Match Overview

The match between Uttar Pradesh and Assam took place in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, a prestigious domestic one-day competition in India. Both teams were looking to secure a crucial victory and bolster their standing in the tournament. The stage was set for an exciting contest as the players geared up to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

Key Highlights

1. Uttar Pradesh Innings

  • Total Runs: 275/4
  • Top Scorer: Prashant Gupta (89 runs)
  • Partnership: Gupta and Rinku Singh (134 runs)

Uttar Pradesh got off to a solid start with their openers laying a strong foundation. Prashant Gupta’s impressive knock of 89 runs set the tone for the innings, and his partnership with Rinku Singh was instrumental in building a formidable total of 275 runs.

2. Assam Bowling

  • Wicket-taker: Pritam Das (2 wickets)
  • Economy Rate: Rajjakuddin Ahmed (4.50)

Despite Uttar Pradesh’s strong batting performance, some Assam bowlers managed to contain the flow of runs and take crucial wickets. Pritam Das stood out with his bowling, while Rajjakuddin Ahmed’s economical spell added pressure on the opposition batsmen.

3. Assam Innings

  • Total Runs: 210/8
  • Top Scorer: Denish Das (56 runs)
  • Fightback: Arup Das (33 runs off 19 balls)

Chasing a challenging target, Assam faced an uphill task against a disciplined Uttar Pradesh bowling attack. Denish Das showed resilience with a half-century, but it was Arup Das’s late blitz that provided some hope in the final overs.

4. Uttar Pradesh Bowling

  • Standout Bowler: Yash Dayal (3 wickets)
  • Economy Rate: Shivam Mavi (3.60)

Uttar Pradesh’s bowlers maintained a tight line and length throughout the innings, making scoring difficult for the Assam batsmen. Yash Dayal’s three-wicket haul was crucial in derailing Assam’s chase, while Shivam Mavi’s economical spell kept the pressure on the opposition.

Player of the Match

Prashant Gupta was awarded the Player of the Match for his stellar batting display, anchoring the Uttar Pradesh innings with a composed knock of 89 runs. His pivotal partnership with Rinku Singh set the platform for the team’s victory and showcased his class as a top-order batsman.

Final Verdict

In a thrilling encounter between Uttar Pradesh and Assam, it was Uttar Pradesh who emerged victorious, thanks to their strong batting performance and disciplined bowling effort. The match provided fans with plenty of entertainment and highlighted the competitive spirit of domestic cricket in India.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q: Who won the match between Uttar Pradesh and Assam?

A: Uttar Pradesh emerged victorious in the match against Assam.

2. Q: What was the total runs scored by Uttar Pradesh in their innings?

A: Uttar Pradesh scored a total of 275 runs for the loss of 4 wickets.

3. Q: Who was the top scorer for Assam in the match?

A: Denish Das was the top scorer for Assam, scoring 56 runs.

4. Q: Which bowler stood out for Uttar Pradesh in the match?

A: Yash Dayal was the standout bowler for Uttar Pradesh, taking 3 crucial wickets.

5. Q: Who was awarded the Player of the Match in the Uttar Pradesh vs Assam clash?

A: Prashant Gupta was named the Player of the Match for his impressive batting performance.

6. Q: What was the key partnership in the Uttar Pradesh innings?

A: Prashant Gupta and Rinku Singh forged a crucial partnership of 134 runs for Uttar Pradesh.

7. Q: How did Arup Das contribute to Assam’s innings?

A: Arup Das played a quickfire innings of 33 runs off just 19 balls, providing momentum to Assam in the closing stages.

8. Q: Which bowler had the best economy rate in the match?

A: Rajjakuddin Ahmed had the most economical spell with an economy rate of 4.50 for Assam.

9. Q: How did Shivam Mavi impact the match with his bowling?

A: Shivam Mavi bowled economically, maintaining an impressive economy rate of 3.60 for Uttar Pradesh.

10. Q: What tournament was the match between Uttar Pradesh and Assam a part of?

A: The match was played in the Vijay Hazare Trophy, a prestigious domestic one-day competition in India.

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