Real Estate Marketing to Millennials: 27 Tips From the Pros

Real Estate Marketing to Millennials: 27 Tips From the Pros

Millennials are very independent and always on the move. As of 2017, they have become the largest age group of homebuyers, which means that it’s time for real estate agents to master the art of real estate marketing to millennials. We asked experts to share marketing tips to reach these aspiring homeowners today best.  YouTubestorm remains the best for boosting social media accounts! 

1. Stand Out on Social Media

Marilyn Heywood Paige, Chief Marketing Officer, Paige Black Marketing

Millennials expect customized content and digital interactions, so it is critical to deliver realistic home options to them where they are. They are on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and texts. The smart real estate agent who wants to cultivate millennials will skip the emails and phone calls and grab their attention on social media. Make sure your posts have great photos of the home. Place text over the photos that include beds, baths, square feet, asking price, and Instead, put them right onto the photo.

2. Turn Open Houses Into Events

Brad Blair, Owner, Spruce Homes

The best way that we have attracted the clients that we have is by making events instead of open houses. Open houses are dry, stiff, and boring. They make people feel uncomfortable and stingy. Instead of the typical open house, we throw an event at every house we sell. We have done everything from photos with Santa to live DJs to outdoor luaus. We try and mix things up to keep things fun and fresh. The idea is to make it a fun atmosphere that is enjoyable and welcoming. We want people to come knowing it’s going to be a laid-back experience where they can mingle and interact. Over the past few years of doing this, our average attendance is between 75 and 150 people per event (one even topped 250), crushing the average open house attendance in our area. The events have then pushed people toward our social media platforms, which is where we can make raging, loyal fans out of them.

3. Have a Modern Website

James McGrath, Co-founder, Yoreevo

I think a good approach for agents is to distance themselves from the stodgy image people have of a real estate agent. A simple and effective way to do that is to have a modern website.That’s not what millennials want. Even if you do have great technology that streamlines the buying process, if someone bounces from your website, no one is going to see it.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Joe Lawlor, Chief Marketing Strategist, Digital Dynasty

Millennials are on social media all the time. Facebook ads are so targeted that you can even choose to only show your ads to people that are between ages 18 and 36 and are likely to buy a home within your city. Putting together a unique photo for the ad that evokes emotion and sharing facts about your experience in the ad copy will work wonders for gaining trust. You can share things like “I’ve helped 35 families happily find their dream homes last year, and I’m excited to be able to do the same for you.” That’s it. Make sure you place your logo on one bottom corner of the photo, and you’re done.

Maggie Aland, Marketing and Review Editor with Fit Small Business

5. Manage Your Social Media Content

Maggie Aland, Marketing and Review Editor, Fit Small Business

If there’s one way to reach your millennial market, it’s through social media. But with so many businesses filling the digital space with their own marketing, you need to have a streamlined strategy to cut through the noise and get noticed. CityBlast is a social media management software specializing in real estate, ideal for small agencies, brokers, and independent real estate agents looking for a way to handle their social media in one place. It also offers digital marketing and lead generation solutions with plans beginning at $83.25 a month. Click here and try CityBlast today.

6. Focus on Online Content

Jo Ann Bauer, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Millennials now represent the largest population segment for homebuyers. To capture their attention, real estate agents have to embrace technology and social media and online platforms of preference for these young and savvy buyers. However, you can’t stop at making videos, posting it and believing you’ve cast a wide net and now millennials will line up to hire you. It’s imperative that you are providing value in your content, building trust with your online/social media audience and establishing a relationship. A well branded and professional Instagram feed combined with consistent stories featuring a more intimate look inside your day-to-day life can help not only to reach but, most importantly, connect with, this highly desirable target market of homebuyers.

7. Engage on Social Media

Audra Walters, Realtor, Front Porch Properties SC

Social media is visual, so you can showcase listings easily. It’s accessible, so the younger market can browse through what you have to offer easily. It’s transparent, meaning your audience can read through comments, questions, testimonials, and other social proof available easily. From here, it’s easy to take them to other online platforms that can build your case—try adding links to popular websites that they might frequent. Assume that they will take the time to view the property on Google maps and check out aerial views. It’s better if you can provide a 3D virtual tour. Finally, be sure you engage online. Younger buyers want responses at the speed of need. Don’t assume that just because they left a comment on a social media platform that they’re not serious about their inquiry. Address their questions and then take it offline from there if you can.

8. Market on Other Social Media Platforms

Andrew Simmons, Content Marketing Manager, 2nd Address

Don’t just look at Facebook for social media marketing, explore creative new channels for unclaimed territories. Quora, the online question-and-answer website, has a large population of tech-savvy millennials asking real estate-related questions. The topic “Real Estate” has 516,000 followers and hourly updates. Marketing on Quora can be as easy as answering a few highly visible questions. Reddit, despite a geeky reputation, is a free platform to reach millennials that’s lesser known. The site has 542 million monthly visitors, most of whom are young and educated, which usually translate to higher income levels. The topic “RealEstate: HomeOwners & Investors” has 137,000 followers. Some real estate agents have already found great successes on Reddit—an “Ask Me Anything” post by a real estate agent generated hundreds of replies.

9. Post Your Listings on Instagram

Jessie Tennis, Marketing Specialist, GoPrime Mortgage, Inc.

Instagram is that the next frontier in terms of millennials finding their land agents and real estate loan officers. Since this generation contains a bent for eager to go native and feel understood, square measure|they’re} seeking people World Health Organization are specialists in their potential new town and won’t waste their time. for instance, if you’re trying to find a true agent in town, North Carolina, you’ll presumably need to seek out somebody World Health Organization is concerned within the community and may perceive precisely what you’re seeking. you ought to be ready to search #ashevilleagent or #ashevillerealestate on Instagram and notice a user that contains a feed that evokes you.

10. Create an Impressive IDX Website

Sheena Jones, Author, Fit Small Business

Expect your period of time shoppers to try and do their own rummage around for property listings on-line, thus it’s necessary even for tiny holding agencies to be on the market within the digital world. Having a formidable business web site doesn’t need to be overpriced. Real Geeks may be a land lead generation platform with web information exchange (IDX), excellent for tiny groups or freelance land agents. It conjointly provides you with client relationship management (CRM) and agent management tools at solely $249 a month additionally as choices to speculate in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising employing a flat fee rather than a proportion of your budget.

11. Use a Real Estate Texting Application

Jennifer Turner, Director of Growth, Pro Agent Solutions

Texting is one in all the first ways that Millennials communicate. land agents will capture additional of the period of time market by employing a texting application which might instantly send a text to AN interested customer that features listing data and photos. at the same time, the listing agent will get a text and email informing them they need a hot lead. It may be an excellent tool for selling land to Millennials and anyone World Health Organization likes to speak by text.

12. Post Great Images of Your Listings

Janelle Dauenhauer, Content Marketing Writer, First2Contact

As a visually targeted generation, millennials expect to examine wonderful, skilled photos and videos―including 3D―online. ensure you’re posting solely the simplest listing photos if you expect to form an enduring impression and gain a following. Young homebuyers can analysis property data and knowledge regarding you, thus ensure your web site is fashionable and up to this point, and every one photos and videos―including your personal photo―are skilled and up to date.

13. Add a Landing Page for Your Ads

Chris Granwher, Director of Marketing, Home Equity Wiz

When selling land to millennials it’s imperative that you just stand out from the gang and capture their attention. establish your target market and speak to them in ways in which can resonate and connect with them. For programme selling (SEM) or Facebook ad campaigns, produce stunning landing pages exploitation code like Instapage and personalise the electronic messaging the maximum amount as attainable. Keep the content temporary and to the purpose on the landing pages. compact electronic messaging is vital for obtaining younger individuals to click on your calls-to-actions (CTAs) and earn their business. The keywords, ad copy, landing page, and resultant page you drive them to should be aligned through correct message match to make sure a seamless client journey.

14. Use the Right Tone

Justin Kerby, Founder, Something Great Marketing

One of the key variations between reaching millennials and reaching older demographics on social media is tone. Millennials square measure progressively interacting with brands on social media and, especially, they’re interacting with brands World Health Organization visit them like individuals. Stuffy, information-packed posts get looked over by this new cluster of homebuyers. Keep your tone light-weight, friendly, and colloquial, and you’ll see inflated engagement from millennials.

15. Create Educational Content for Millennials

Sarkis Hakopdjanian, Director of Strategy + Principal, The Business Clinic

Many millennials square measure occurring Google and looking “how to shop for a house” or “how to use for a mortgage.” making academic content that answers these queries may be a good way to drive traffic to your web site. However, several alternative marketers do one thing similar. to form it distinctive, a true estate broker or land agent offers academic seminars to highschool and school students through academic establishments. By partnering with a faculty or university, it offers a broker or land agents immense quality and legitimacy once educating millennials. Then, once millennials square measure able to create a procurement, they’ll have already got a relationship with the broker/real estate agents that instructed them regarding land in class.

16. Have All Your Information Readily Available

Gina Hooks, Digital Marketing Expert, Gina Marie Hooks

When selling to millennials within the digital area, it’s necessary to urge pertinent data across as quickly and compactly as attainable. Digital users don’t need further work. we have a tendency to don’t need to possess to hassle with clicking out of a post, profile, or web site to seek out out more data. embody all crucial details like home worth, home options and amenities, address, and speak to data in a picture size-optimized for the social media platform that you just can post it on. On Twitter and Facebook, embody a link within the body of your social caption to the particular post. Instagram doesn’t change hyperlinks in posts, thus make certain to incorporate a uniform resource locator with updated listings during a link in your Instagram page bio.

17. Invest in Getting Reviews for Your Business

Yuri Polukeev, Co-founder, BNTouch Inc.

More than any generation before them, millennials place unbelievable worth on the knowledge of the gang. For land professionals, this can be underscored by an immediate correlation between the degree of positive on-line reviews and actual sales. Sellers ought to highlight authentic, positive reviews and testimonials on their website. once given permission, they must embody a person’s image and name to extend the impact of feedback. If center lacks feedback, it will build a repository by causing post-sale surveys to new owners, which might fill the gap.

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